Cozy Summer Mantel – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse

A mantel is a great pallet when you feel uninspired. It’s a place to play, try new things, display recent diy projects, & just get creative with no commitment. It’s also a great place to express your individuality & your passions for you and your home guests. Do you have a passion for planes? A passion for traveling? A passion for gardening? A passion for horses? Display that on your mantel in some way through art, trophies, books, antique items, & so much more that you have collected over time. Me? I have a passion for too much if that’s even possible. I feel like through our home decor & eclectic cozy cottage farmhouse style that really shines through as it did here on the mantel today…

Cozy Summer Mantel – Cozy Cottage Farmhouse style

Collected over time I needed a creative moment among all of the construction around here so I rounded up a bunch of items I love & styled them here on the mantel. I found this sailboat at home goods recently on clearance as it was damaged a bit so I painted it to customize it to our home & used that as the main starting point. From there I couldn’t find art in this house as everything is stored away so I made my own out of a recent antique science poster & a brass frame I also found recently. Since it wasn’t going to be permanent art I simply taped the back of the art to the frame & hung it on an existing nail that was there. I usually would have opted for larger scale art, but this works for something fun & new! From there I rounded up a recent vase purchase along with some thrifted greens I had & I love them so much I wish I had a source so I could share it & get more of the stems myself. For height/drama/interest/texture/& a touch of cozy, I added a lot of my favorite books which is another great way to share your passions in your decor all while having them handy to grab & read when you get a moment to sit & flip through them. I also added some interesting book ends that I recently got & also a clock from my home decor qvc line that sold out, but hopefully we will be bringing back soon!

summer sailboat model decor:

An eclectic mantel that was styled with some things around the house which not only cleaned up parts of the house, but also created a cozy interesting moment in the front living room while giving me a fun creative moment that I needed. If you are needing to get creative or want to try something new in your home.. try your mantel as your pallet & see what you can come up with. There are no rules & it’s a great way to make your living space that the fireplace is in a cozy & welcoming room. You can see more mantels I have shared [HERE] for more inspiration today. 

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