DIY Stick & Fabric Scrap Sailboat – Cozy Cottage Summer Decor

I did the easiest DIY project today & had to share it with you guys in case you were looking for a simple creative moment of your own, some new FREE cozy cottage summer decor, or even a craft time for you and the kids. It’s a DIY easy stick & fabric scrap sailboat that I created for free using items that I already had on hand & sticks from our yard. Here is how it turned out…

All you need:

-a large stick for the hull & a skinny stick for the mast

-fabric scraps for the sails

-hot glue


-optional: a drill to put a hole in the large branch for the mast to stick in to

All I did was make a tiny hole in the center of the larger stick to stick the end of the smaller stick into to create the mast. I then sealed that with hot glue. From there I laid the hull & mast together on a piece of fabric to see how big the triangles of fabric should be as far as height & width for a rough estimate of where to cut you can trace out those measurements. I then cut two scalene triangles for the two sails & then attached them with hot glue to the mast & to the hull. That’s it. It’s that easy.

I love the cozy cottage vibes that sailboats give & this little rustic one with the fabric scraps and found natural items is the ultimate cozy sailboat with all of it’s quirky texture. You can see a video of me making this sailboat [HERE] if you want more visuals. I have been having a lot of fun with sailboats in our decor & you can see a summer mantel with a sailboat I created this week [HERE]. I hope you have fun making one of these this summer & of course I would love to see it if you do! Thank you for stopping by the blog today & every single day to see what we are up to & you can see more summer decor & inspo [HERE]. xx

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