Festival (Jamaican Fried Cornmeal Dumplings)

Why It Works

  • The addition of melted butter retains the dough moist inside and delivers a calmly crispy exterior.
  • Frying the competition in small batches will assist maintain the oil on the appropriate temperature and velocity up the general cooking course of. If the temperature of the oil is just too low, you’ll find yourself with a greasy competition. 

Pageant is a uniquely Jamaican fried dumpling, fully completely different in texture and taste to a Johnny cake, one other Jamaican fried dumpling. Pageant (all the time within the singular) are outlined by their lengthy oval form and crisp golden crust, whereas Johnny muffins are spherical and should not have the sweetness and crumbly texture of a competition. The addition of cornmeal and sugar to the competition dough is what makes them distinctive and provides a layer of density, texture, and sweetness.

Pageant are merely scrumptious; the crunchy, fried exterior is balanced by the moist, barely candy dough, making them very onerous to avoid and an excellent companion to spicy, savory dishes. They are often eaten as a snack, however are extra generally served as a facet or accompaniment to a wide range of Jamaican road meals.

Severe Eats / Karina Matalon

Pageant are much like hush puppies, the favored facet dish within the American South. And, as within the American South, cornmeal was an vital a part of the early Jamaican weight loss program and reveals up typically in conventional country-style Jamaican cooking. Cornmeal’s recognition originates from the 18th century when enslaved employees had been provisioned with a weekly allotment of cornmeal and salted fish from plantation homeowners. Naturally, this resulted in a wide range of well-liked cornmeal dishes that vary all the best way from savory to candy. Another examples of how cornmeal has been included into Jamaican cooking embody: duckunoo, a candy cornmeal and coconut pastry that’s wrapped in a banana leaf and steamed; cornmeal porridge, a traditional hearty, creamy, and candy breakfast dish; cornmeal pone, a candy and dense steamed pudding constructed from a mix of cornmeal, vanilla, coconut, nutmeg, and brown sugar; and tun cornmeal, a savory polenta-type dish made with salt fish, coconut, okra, thyme, greens, and spices. 

Among the many many ways in which one can get pleasure from competition, none is healthier than a meal of fried fish and competition at Hellshire Seaside, in Kingston. Hellshire is a fishing village on the outskirts of Kingston, well-known for its superior tackle rustic beachside fare. Weekends are all the time hottest, with crowds lining as much as have their weekly repair, however on any given day of the week you will discover Jamaicans prepared to take the 40-minute trek out to Hellshire to devour a plate of fried fish or fried lobster with competition.

Severe Eats / Karina Matalon

Pageant can be served often with jerk pork and jerk rooster. Most of the jerk facilities across the island will supply a wide range of sides, like roast breadfruit, roast yam, roast candy potato, or fried inexperienced plantains, to go along with the jerk, and competition is all the time a favourite selection right here. The crisp, candy, barely dense starch of the competition is a good stability to mood the warmth, spice, and saltiness of jerked meat or rooster. Pageant additionally seems as an everyday facet on the breakfast desk accompanying Jamaica’s nationwide dish, ackee and saltfish, together with steamed callaloo, Johnny muffins, and fried plantain.

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