The Best Portable Induction Cooktops of 2023

Straight to the Level

We cherished the Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop 9100MC for its managed heating and intuitive consumer interface. It boiled water quick and had analog buttons that had been straightforward to wash. We additionally appreciated the Hamilton Beach Portable Single Induction Cooktop, which had a responsive touchscreen panel, rapidly heated oil for frying, and maintained temperatures properly throughout lengthy simmers. Our different favourite was the IKEA TILLREDA Portable Induction Cooktop, a no-frills mannequin with highly effective cooking capabilities. It had the smallest footprint of the entire fashions we examined and a hook for hanging storage, making it a superb decide for small areas.

Fuel stoves have lengthy been the kings of the kitchen. The “tik-tik-tik” earlier than a fuel burner flares to life is immediately recognizable. These stoves have a status for being highly effective, managed, and, properly, downright chef-y. They’ve been the best choice for greater than a century, spurred on by industry-fueled slogans like, “Now we’re cooking with fuel!” Lately, although, research about how fuel stoves can have an effect on our well being and contribute to greenhouse fuel emissions has led many (together with me!) to query this loyalty.

Earlier than doing this evaluation, I had cooked with induction a handful of instances. I knew that higher-end induction burners might be ultra-precise and cook dinner at a variety of temperatures, however I wasn’t positive how extra reasonably priced family countertop fashions (that are nice for small areas and anyplace you may want an additional cooking zone) might carry out. To seek out out, I examined seven transportable induction burners priced between $70 and $230. Six of them had been single-burners, and one had a double-burner cooktop. The entire fashions topped out at 1800 watts of energy, though I discovered that every one diversified in precise effectivity. The profitable induction cooktops had been intuitive to cook dinner with, had easy-to-use interfaces, and will warmth rapidly and precisely.

After utilizing these cooktops to boil, fry, sear, and simmer, I discovered that induction shouldn’t be solely safer and extra sustainable, however it could possibly go head-to-head with fuel (and electrical) burners when it comes to efficiency—and win hands-down.

Editor’s Word

Whereas we did not take a look at it on this evaluation, we needed to notice our love of the Breville Control Freak induction burner. This highly effective burner is usually thought-about the gold normal in countertop induction. It contains knobs for fast warmth and timer changes, programmable recipe reminiscence, and a probe for monitoring and completely sustaining the temperature of meals inside of a pot (in addition to a through-glass sensor for the pot’s floor temperature). Sadly, at $1500 it’s seemingly too costly for many residence cooks. Nonetheless, we’ve used it within the Severe Eats take a look at kitchen for years, although, so we nonetheless advocate it when you’re on the lookout for a top-of-the-line burner with unbelievable accuracy.

The Winners, at a Look


The Duxtop 9100MC had the perfect scores in each efficiency and ease of use all through every take a look at. It was the quickest to boil water, maintained lengthy simmers properly, and was intuitive to regulate whereas cooking. 

Hamilton Beach Portable Single Induction Cooktop


This burner was an in depth runner-up to the Duxtop 9100MC and excelled in lots of the similar areas throughout testing. It was nice at holding the cooking warmth regular all through each process and had 12 totally different temperature ranges that might be set in Fahrenheit or Celsius. 

IKEA TILLREDA Portable induction cooktop


This smooth induction burner could not include as many options as another fashions that had been examined, however its effectivity and simple consumer interface made it a succesful companion for many cooking duties.

How Does Induction Work?

Induction heating is brought on by passing an electrical present by a (normally copper) wire coil, which creates an electromagnetic discipline. On an induction range, the coil is mounted beneath a glass floor, which turns into the cooktop. When an induction-compatible pan is ready on the cooktop, the electromagnetic power within the coil induces a present within the pan. This causes vibration on the atomic degree throughout the metallic of the pan, which creates friction. The friction generates warmth instantly within the cookware, which then cooks no matter meals is inside. The burner shouldn’t be truly producing any warmth, simply an electromagnetic discipline. All the warmth is created throughout the pan itself, which should be ferromagnetic for this course of to occur (in different phrases, induction-compatible cookware should comprise iron and have the ability to entice a magnet). All cast iron (together with enameled forged iron, like most Dutch ovens), carbon steel, and magnetic stainless steel pans are nice companions for induction burners. For nonmagnetic stainless-steel and different cookware, an induction interface disk can bridge the hole by offering a magnetic floor that sits on high of the burner and heats up equally to a standard electrical burner. It lets you proceed utilizing your favourite pots and pans, even when they aren’t magnetic. You may learn extra about induction, together with its professionals and cons, here

A Bit About Moveable Induction Cooktops

Moveable induction cooktops do the entire aforementioned in a small package deal. They’re good for individuals who wish to check out induction cooking earlier than committing to a complete stovetop, renters and faculty college students, or those that simply need the pliability of an additional cooking space. The “transportable” bit is useful, too, as you possibly can arrange a cook dinner station outdoors to stop smoking up your kitchen throughout a sizzling sear or the lingering odors that accompany deep-frying at residence. Brady Seals—an skilled in family power who works at RMI, a nonprofit group that’s centered on world sustainability—says that she ceaselessly makes use of her transportable induction burner (together with a grill pan) on her balcony as an apartment-friendly, fossil-fuel-free different to grilling. Win, win, win.

The Checks

Severe Eats / Ashlee Redger

  • Flour Take a look at: To check the warmth distribution of every burner, I sprinkled a tablespoon of flour evenly over the floor of a big stainless-steel skillet and set it to medium warmth (utilizing energy settings, when doable). With out stirring or transferring the pan, I noticed the place the flour browned to search out the most popular space of the burner and timed how lengthy it took to toast.
  • Boiling Water Take a look at: I timed how lengthy it took every burner to carry a gallon of room temperature water to a boil in a 4.5-quart Dutch oven. I used the burner’s Boil preset if it had one; if there wasn’t one, I used the very best energy degree. A particular notice right here: I’m at a excessive altitude in Denver, so my water boiled around 202°F. I used a probe thermometer to make sure accuracy.
  • Simmering Take a look at: After boiling the water, I lowered it to a simmer to check every burner’s warmth stability. The place doable, I attempted to search out the suitable temperature setting to maintain the water between 185 and 195°F (a simmer at my altitude) and marked how a lot the water fluctuated over an hour period.
  • Scrambled Egg Take a look at: I cooked a batch of soft-scrambled eggs in a medium nonstick skillet on every burner and judged how intuitively I used to be in a position to set it to medium-low warmth (utilizing energy settings the place doable). I additionally examined the responsiveness of the controls and the efficiency of the burner.
  • Seared Rooster Breast Take a look at (Winners-Solely): I used every of the top-performing burners to sear two hen cutlets over medium-high energy to check how intuitive it was to cook dinner with, adjusting when wanted. I famous how evenly every burner browned the cutlets and if it left the sides undercooked.
  • Onion Rings Take a look at (Winners-Solely): I deep-fried onion rings utilizing the top-performing induction burners. I timed how lengthy it took the oil to come back as much as 375°F and the way properly the burner recovered the temperature after including the battered onions. I marked down burners that had hassle sustaining constant warmth or struggled to carry the oil as much as the proper temperature to start out.
  • Cleansing and Usability Checks: All through the entire assessments, I paid consideration to how easy every burner was to make use of, how intuitive the heating ranges had been, and if it was straightforward to wash. I additionally famous if a burner felt sturdy or acquired marks and scratches throughout use.

What We Discovered

Pan Dimension Was Vital for Even Heating

Severe Eats / Ashlee Redger

Induction burners had been solely nice at heating the pan the place it was in touch with the floor instantly above its coil. If the pan was too small, the burner couldn’t conduct an sufficient present and wouldn’t warmth up; if the pan was too giant, it wouldn’t cook dinner evenly across the edges. A lot of the fashions I examined really helpful pans with diameters between 4.5 and 10 inches (though the IKEA TILLREDA Portable Induction Cooktop advised no pans bigger than 7.9 inches). 

For the flour take a look at, I used a 12-inch stainless-steel skillet that had a nine-inch base. Whereas the entire induction burners might warmth this pan (even the IKEA burner), I constantly noticed 4- to 5-inch sizzling spots present up within the flour on the middle of the pan. With out stirring the flour to redistribute the warmth, the flour across the edges remained white and untoasted, whatever the burner make. Even the profitable cooktops had hassle heating the skillet throughout the seared hen breast take a look at, and left the hen that was nearest to the rim pale. Comparatively, my mid-sized, 8-inch nonstick skillet (which had a five-and-a-half-inch base) had uniform, managed temperatures throughout the scrambled egg take a look at. For probably the most even warmth, it’s greatest to match the pan diameter with the scale of the cooking zone of the burner.

Yet another factor about even heating: empty pans shouldn’t be used on induction. As a result of the cookware can warmth up virtually instantaneously with induction warmth, it could possibly trigger them to warp or turn into broken from the sudden temperature modifications. Having meals inside helps to control and distribute the warmth within the pan. Whereas they arrive normal with security shut-offs for overheating, induction burners even have a tough time detecting when a pan is simply too sizzling when there may be nothing inside. An empty forged iron left on the Mueller RapidTherm Portable Induction Cooktop rapidly rocketed upwards of 750°F inside a minute and a half (in line with an infrared thermometer) earlier than its security function turned it off. Don’t strive that at residence—each burner warns towards heating empty pans for that reason. Just a few seconds of preheating is all a pan wants when used on induction. 

Though Wattage Was the Identical, Effectivity Diversified

As I discussed earlier than, the entire transportable induction cooktops had a most of 1800 watts of energy. Some had been extra environment friendly than others, although, which manifested as being sluggish to heat up or unable to cook dinner at greater temperatures. The Caso Pro Menu Single Induction Burner, for instance, was sluggish to cook dinner with. It solely had faint browning in its middle after a number of minutes on medium warmth throughout the flour take a look at, and took 24 minutes to boil water (in comparison with the Duxtop 9100MC, which took 16). It was troublesome for me to find out what truly brought on sure burners to be much less environment friendly than others, although, and the profitable Duxtop was additionally fallible. Through the onion ring take a look at, the Duxtop 9100MC rapidly heated the 2 quarts of peanut oil as much as the required 375°F, however couldn’t increase it any greater. Its counterpart, the Duxtop 9600LS, didn’t ever attain 375°F, topping out at 350°F after practically two hours of preheating. The IKEA and Hamilton Beach Portable Single Induction Cooktop each confirmed their potential in that take a look at, although, and will simply surpass the 375°F oil temp if on full warmth. For the much less environment friendly burners, modifications like utilizing a smaller pot or cooking in lowered batch sizes might have helped preserve their energy.

Temperature and Energy Ranges Had Distinct Functions

Severe Eats / Ashlee Redger

A majority of the transportable burners I examined included energy and temperature choices for managing warmth ranges. An influence setting corresponded to wattage being regularly performed into the pot (like turning the knob on a fuel or electrical stovetop), whereas a temperature setting represented a gentle degree of warmth on the base of the cooktop floor (the burner will fluctuate wattage and on/off cycles to keep up this). 

Temperature settings will not be indicative of what’s happening contained in the cookware, although. A burner on a 212°F temperature setting might be not going to keep up a gentle boil as a result of not each bit of warmth power is absorbed into the water (regardless of how rather more environment friendly induction is). Throughout assessments, I typically discovered temperature settings unintuitive at first. The temperature setting wanted modifications relying on the meals being cooked and the thermal conductivity of the cookware. It additionally modifications from burner to burner. Through the simmering take a look at, the Mueller cooktop effectively maintained a gentle low simmer (round 185°F) at its temperature setting of 212°F. The Caso, however, needed to be set over 100 levels greater at 340°F, despite the fact that I used the identical quantity of room temperature water and the identical Dutch oven. With the entire burners that had temperature choices, I attempted to search out the Goldilocks zone for hands-off simmering. It took further time as I adjusted and waited for the water temperature to settle earlier than making extra changes. Despite the fact that it required some trial and error, it was achievable in every of them. Over time, this is able to be simpler and permit for extra secure temperature upkeep, particularly throughout lengthy cooks.

Energy settings had been rather more universally intuitive for many cooking duties. If the facility ranges ranged from one to 9, for instance, I might map out the numbers on a low-medium-high scale and begin the scrambled egg take a look at on a medium-low three. Each burner’s energy settings had been comparable in warmth degree utilizing this methodology—besides the Mueller, which solely allowed temperature changes (and admittedly, I browned the eggs as a result of I set the temperature too excessive on the primary batch). 

Presets Typically Hindered Ease of Use

A number of of the burners I examined got here with extra options like preset cooking shortcuts and timers to mechanically shut off the warmth. The Mueller used its presets because the beginning place, forcing me to pick out from Scorching Pot, Boil, Gradual Cook dinner, or Preserve Heat earlier than I might regulate the temperature organising or down for what I wanted. The presets additionally had automated timers related to them (Scorching Pot and Boil had been the identical temperature setting with totally different timer lengths), which felt unnecessarily clunky. 

The Duxtop 9600LS—to not be confused with the profitable Duxtop 9100MC—additionally had Preserve Heat and Boil buttons. I used the latter throughout the boiling water take a look at. The preset turned the burner as much as its highest energy setting and set a 10-minute timer. That will have been a lot for a small pot of water, however the timer ran out and turned off the burner whereas the gallon I used to be boiling was at 156°F, eight and a half minutes earlier than it truly got here to a boil (an enormous flaw when you had been utilizing the water to boil pasta, for instance). The method for altering the Duxtop 9600LS’s timer took not less than 10 to twenty seconds and a number of other further button presses. Mixed with all of the faucets wanted to regulate settings whereas cooking, the extra time and button presses began so as to add up. After that, I discovered myself manually setting the warmth degree with out the presets and holding a separate timer for check-ins, skipping the automated shut-off if I didn’t want it (which I not often did).

The Hamilton Seaside had a novel preset that no different mannequin had: a Booster button. When pressed, it could flip the warmth as much as most energy for 30 seconds, earlier than returning to the earlier setting. Since induction is so attentive to warmth changes, this brief surge of energy didn’t have an apparent use for me and appeared extra like a shortcut for burning no matter is within the pan. The contact sensor button was additionally simply activated by chance, which occurred a number of instances all through testing.

Total, I discovered the extra buttons and options that crowded an induction burner’s consumer interface, the tougher it was to function. At their greatest, further options might be often helpful—like a timer for lengthy simmers. At their worst, presets meddle with the cooking course of by all of a sudden turning off the warmth or blasting a pan with excessive temperatures. The minimalist IKEA induction cooktop was the best and most effective burner of the lineup, with Lock being the one operate aside from energy changes (locking the burner would freeze the facility setting in place whereas cooking, or maintain the burner from being turned on by chance between makes use of). Not solely was it easy to learn to use, however it was quick and intuitive to make changes whereas cooking, too.

The Standards: What to Search for in a Moveable Induction Cooktop

Severe Eats / Ashlee Redger / Grace Kelly

Probably the most impactful attribute of a transportable induction cooktop was intuitiveness. Having predictable warmth settings performed into this, and energy settings tended to be extra beginner-friendly than temperature settings (though temperature settings generally is a boon when you take the time to dial them in). A easy consumer interface additionally helped intuitiveness by making fast changes simpler, particularly whereas cooking. Preset buttons might be as a lot of a hindrance as a assist. They permit shortcuts to sure settings, like excessive energy for boiling, however typically embrace drawbacks, like a timer that turns off the warmth earlier than cooking is completed. For that motive, I most popular fashions with out them as they had been sooner to function and felt nearer to conventional cooktops.

Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop 9100MC


What we appreciated: This mannequin had an easy consumer interface and intuitive energy settings. It introduced a gallon of water to a boil in 16 minutes (the quickest of the lineup) and had lower than 5°F of fluctuation all through an hour-long simmer. The management panel additionally had bodily buttons somewhat than a contact sensor, so I used to be in a position to wipe up oil splatters whereas I cooked with out concern of adjusting any settings. 

What we didn’t like: Whereas it had sufficient energy to perform the entire duties, it was at its max throughout the onion ring take a look at. With a view to maintain the oil at 375°F for frying, I needed to maintain the burner on its highest energy setting the entire time (it wasn’t environment friendly sufficient to get the oil any hotter than that). It didn’t have an issue heating up the massive skillet for searing hen, although, and modifications like utilizing a smaller pot or much less oil might assist enhance effectivity when wanted. It lacked boil and maintain heat shortcuts, so fast temperature modifications required extra button pushes. Whereas I appreciated the bodily buttons over a contact display, the icons printed on them might put on out over time.

Value at time of publish: $78.

Key Specs

  • Weight: 6 kilos
  • Dimensions: 14 x 11.3 x 2.8 inches
  • Burner diameter: 8 inches
  • Beneficial pan diameter: A minimum of 5 inches
  • Wire size: 55 inches
  • Floor weight restrict: 25 kilos
  • Energy degree vary: 15 settings from 200-1800 watts, in 100- or 200-watt increments. The ability ranges are labeled in half steps from 1 by 5.5, and entire numbers from 6 by 10.
  • Temperature degree vary: 15 settings from 140°F to 460°F, in 20- or 30-degree increments
  • Lock operate?: No 
  • Timer: 0 to 170 minutes, in one-minute increments. The burner will mechanically cease cooking after two hours if the timer shouldn’t be set and no buttons are pressed throughout that point.
  • Cleansing and care: As soon as the burner has cooled, wipe its floor with a moist fabric. Gentle liquid detergent can be utilized to wash grease and different stains. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or supplies on the cooktop, as they’ll harm it. Wipe dry after cleansing. In case you’re not cooking with it often, cowl the burner between makes use of to guard it from mud.

Hamilton Beach Portable Single Induction Cooktop


What we appreciated: This burner was an in depth runner-up to our total winner. Though it took somewhat longer to boil water, it was the quickest and most effective at heating oil for frying. It had nice temperature stability throughout lengthy cooking duties and was intuitive to make use of.

What we didn’t like: The controls might be somewhat sensitive, and I by chance hit its Increase buton—a puzzling function that turned the facility as much as max warmth for 30 seconds—greater than as soon as throughout testing.

Value at time of publish: $70.

Key Specs

  • Weight: 6.4 kilos
  • Dimensions: 14.25 x 11 x 2.5 inches
  • Burner diameter: 8.5 inches
  • Beneficial pan diameter: 4 to 10 inches
  • Wire size: 45 inches
  • Floor weight restrict: Not specified
  • Energy degree vary: 10 settings, as much as 1800 watts (precise wattage per energy degree not specified)
  • Temperature degree vary: 15 settings from 175°F to 450°F in 25-degree increments (might be adjusted to make use of Celsius)
  • Lock operate?: No
  • Timer: 1 to 150 minutes, in one-minute increments (doesn’t specify an automated shut-off if the timer shouldn’t be set)
  • Cleansing and care: Wipe the cooled cooktop floor with a tender, damp fabric. Gentle detergent may be used if additional cleansing is required. Don’t use abrasive cleaners or sponges.

IKEA TILLREDA Portable induction cooktop


What we appreciated: Though it was barely smaller than the opposite fashions, the IKEA transportable induction burner was a strong machine. It had no points getting pans tremendous sizzling for searing and frying, but additionally simply cooked delicate soft-scrambled eggs at decrease temperatures. The responsive contact controls had been useless easy, too. There have been solely 4 buttons: Energy, Lock, and Plus and Minus buttons for adjusting the warmth. It’s a good decide for small areas (it has a hook for hanging it) and is nice for many who wish to decrease the induction studying curve.

What we didn’t like: IKEA recommends utilizing pans between 4.7 and seven.9 inches in diameter on this burner—which might be limiting, particularly if cooking for a household. It nonetheless heated my 12-inch skillet (which had a base diameter of 9 inches), however didn’t evenly brown the hen that was across the edges of the pan. It additionally isn’t as adept at hands-off temperature upkeep, because it solely comes with energy settings. It achieved a gentle hour-long simmer with out problem however stored overshooting the oil temperature throughout the onion ring take a look at.

Value at time of publish: $70.

Key Specs

  • Weight: 6.2 kilos
  • Dimensions: 12.8 x 10.6 x 2.5 inches
  • Burner diameter: 7 inches
  • Beneficial pan diameter: 4.7 to 7.9 inches
  • Wire size: 55 inches
  • Floor weight restrict: Not specified
  • Energy degree vary: 9 settings from 200-1800 watts. The degrees are numbered 1 by 9.
  • Temperature degree vary: This burner doesn’t have temperature degree choices.
  • Lock operate?: Sure
  • Timer: This mannequin doesn’t embrace a timer, however will mechanically flip off if the facility setting shouldn’t be modified after two hours.
  • Cleansing and care: Use a moist fabric and gentle detergent to wash the cooking floor after it has cooled. Wipe dry after cleansing. Keep away from utilizing abrasive detergents or supplies, as they’ll scratch the floor.

The Competitors

  • Cuisinart Double Induction Cooktop: Cuisinart’s single induction burner was discontinued, so I checked out its double burner choice as an alternative. It took the longest to boil water (a full 10 minutes longer than the Duxtop 9100MC), however it had a pleasant interface and even heating. An essential notice, although: this mannequin had the identical wattage capabilities as the one burners. In case you’re utilizing either side without delay, the facility might be restricted because it’s divided between the 2.
  • Duxtop Portable Induction Cooktop 9600LS: The Duxtop 9600LS is very rated on-line. It comes with options like a 10-hour timer, a contact sensor interface, and Boil/Preserve Heat shortcuts. It has extra warmth settings than some other mannequin (20 temperature and energy ranges every). It was dearer than the general profitable Duxtop however wasn’t as quick or highly effective because the 9100MC mannequin throughout assessments. It took a whole lot of button faucets to function, and it couldn’t warmth the oil as much as the temperature required within the onion ring take a look at. After over an hour and a half of heating on the very best setting, the oil topped out at 350°F (the recipe known as for 375°F), plus it had a tough time rebounding when the onion rings had been added and the oil temp dropped.
  • Mueller RapidTherm Portable Induction Cooktop: This mannequin was fast to boil and wonderful at sustaining a simmer, however its interface pressured the consumer to pick out one of many 4 presets (Boil, Scorching Pot, Gradual Cook dinner, or Preserve Heat) first earlier than adjusting the warmth as wanted. The product boasts each energy and temperature settings however solely displayed (and allowed changes to) the temperature settings. There have been large gaps between the settings (for instance, there was no choice between 140°F and 212°F), which made it troublesome to attain applicable warmth ranges, particularly at decrease temperatures.
  • Caso Pro Menu Single Induction Burner: Caso’s induction burner had a streamlined look and good-looking matte contact sensor panel, however it was sluggish to warmth up and fluctuated quite a bit in temperatures throughout the simmering take a look at (after a whole lot of trial and error to search out the proper degree). The exhaust followers additionally made my counter tops fairly sizzling whereas on greater settings.


How does induction work?

Induction burners work by creating an electromagnetic discipline between the copper coil within the burner and the bottom of the cookware on high. This causes imperceptible vibration within the electrons of the pan’s base, which creates warmth instantly throughout the pan (the burner doesn’t generate warmth by itself). Because of this the cookware itself is doing the cooking, and is subsequently rather more energy-efficient than conventional fuel or electrical burners.

What sort of cookware can you employ with induction burners?

Cookware should be ferromagnetic to be appropriate with induction. In different phrases, the pot or pan will need to have robust magnetic attraction and comprise iron. Forged iron (together with enameled), carbon metal, and magnetic stainless-steel pans are all induction-compatible. A straightforward take a look at for figuring out induction compatibility is to carry a magnet to the bottom of the cookware. If the magnet is attracted securely to the underside of the pot or pan, then it can work on induction.

What’s a transportable induction burner good for?

Moveable induction burners are nice for individuals who wish to check out induction earlier than committing to a stovetop, renters, faculty college students, and anybody who desires to have the pliability of an additional burner. They can be utilized to arrange cooking stations outdoors of a kitchen since they’re simply as highly effective as a stovetop burner, in a compact package deal.

How do you clear a transportable induction burner?

You may clear your induction burner by wiping it with a moist, tender fabric. A bit gentle detergent might be added to the material for grease or different stains, and a dry towel will buff out any streaks after cleansing. By no means use abrasive detergents or supplies in your burner, as it’s possible you’ll harm its floor.

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