Twenty Awesome Organization Projects to Cancel the Clutter | Thrifty Decor Chick

Twenty big and small DIY projects to help organize all around the house. 

I’ve gathered 20 helpful and cute organization ideas that will help corral your clutter! 

Now before you start organizing, I recommend decluttering first. I shared the decrapifying process I used years ago that still works for me today. 

I found that method to be the first that really helped to change my mindset when it came to the clutter in our house. 

Now onto these great organizing ideas and DIY projects! I pulled together some of my favorites from a bunch from talented bloggers. 

I hope these inspire you to tackle any problem areas in your home!

1. Carli hit it out of the park with this SMART and pretty coat closet makeover. It’s a total command station and I love how she utilized the back of the door:

You have to go see how the inside looks too — love it!

2. Danielle at Storypiece shared how she put together some cute wood and chalkboard bin labels

chalkboard and wood bin labels

A stained wood and black combo always looks good! 

DIY IKEA closet makeover

Literally every single thing has a spot — dreamy!

long closet IKEA pax

This has been one of my best projects EVER. It makes such a big difference in my day!

bins for family keepsakes

I find the simplest solutions are usually the best!

6. We have a few bins for bigger baby and childhood items, but I wanted the childhood papers and school photos to be organized in a way we could enjoy them. 

photo books for child artwork
toy cubby storage under stairs

I loved that it’s tiered to fit in with the stairs but offers as much storage as possible for that spot. 

8. Figuring out how to best use an awkward space is one of my favorite things to do. 

under sink sliding drawers

We can store SO much more in our vanities (and easily access them) now. 

9. Haeley’s fabulously organized craft closet just calms my mind:

Ultimate craft closet storage

Organized bins and labels make me happy. And I love that you can still see what’s inside each one!

Wow, it is gorgeous! She gives some great organizing tips in that post as well. 

11. I adore Kim’s DIY pegboard solution for a bunch of the kid stuff in her son’s room:

DIY pegboard for kids storage

This giant pegboard is SO cute (I miss all of those little costumes!) and holds a ton of stuff! I LOVE that it looks like art.

nerf gun storage wall

These make SO MUCH better use of the space inside traditional cabinets!

15. Cristina hit it out of the park with this custom closet makeover. It’s definitely one of the best I’ve seen:

boy custom closet built ins

Amazing!! So much storage and those little tip out drawers? There’s literally a spot for everything.

16. You MUST go check out Tiffany’s custom built in pantry. It is fantastic:

built in pantry with drawers

Drawers people. I want drawers everywhere. (And there’s a little surprise on the sides.)

17. Jennifer turned an awkward storage closet into a multi-purpose room under the stairs

under the stairs mud room

It’s a mud room, a storage room, a pantry — and it looks so good! Beadboard makes just about any space feel fresh and clean.

18. I made the most of an under utilized space in our home when I transformed our mud room closet into a cleaning and cat supply/litter closet with a cute custom door for the cats: 

cute cat door on closet

This cat closet is another project that made a BIG difference in our home! We all love it. 🙂 

19. At first glance Chelsea’s cute pantry may look like just another organizing project: 
organized pantry stencil wall
But you HAVE to go see the beautiful door they made for the pantry too. It is awesome!

20. And finally, Roeshel knocked this out. of. the. park. with her wood and pipe industrial pantry:

wood and pipe shelving

This project of hers is one of my all time favorite ways to make the most of a space. I love the walls, the rug, the lights (!) and of course the shelving. Just fantastic. 

There you go — from big to small, some awesome organization ideas that may give you ideas for your home! 

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